This Post is Going to Make Me Sound Like a Bitch - And I'm Fine With That.

Sometimes I feel like my hormones are being controlled by two guardian angel divas that both don't like me and secretly talk about me behind my back, or on my shoulder.  Seriously, I can't seem to shake my crabbiness.  I get irritated off of shit that really wouldn't be even a 1/3 as bad if I took up more herbal past times.
Speaking of herbal past times, I had my cousin break down the difference between the regular 4/20 and the type that has you mentally blending in with your furniture.  I mean, it wasn't a big deal for me pulling in the vapors of happiness back when I was in my early 20s, but now I feel like I just don't want to smell like it, I'd rather be "happy-productive" than "happy-knocked the fuck out while the clock ticks away and makes me a day older with stinky breath".  

Music is the only thing that really calms my nerves, but my playlist game is about the same as Cousins taking the lead on the Redskins' offense.  And if you don't know what I mean, just look at their record this season.  

That's my truth.   I'm lost in "Fuck Everybody Universe" desperately trying to locate an exit.  I just want to punch a old lady in the knee caps right above her corrective socks.  I don't even know if there is such a thing as corrective socks, but I'm sure I just jinxed myself for 2050 when my Social Security and AARP membership will be on deck.  I'll be coming out of my health care building and somebody with boots made out of steel or something 2050-ish will probably kick my knee caps inside out.  

It's all good tho.   I accept my negativity at the moment.  It's called being a real human.  All you "happy-all-the-time" internet people can kiss a Port-A-Potty toilet.  

Rude-tastically Yours,

La Doodlebug  

PS:  My song called "The World Doesn't Need A Hug, It Needs A Vibrator" will be dropping on iTunes for Inauguration Day.  #YourWelcomeDammit


MAN.  Sometimes finding yourself is one of the hardest things to accomplish in life.  We play roles that we feel make sense at the time, many roles we fill are permanent ones as well....but nothing is worse than filling a role that you know deep down was never meant for you in the first place.

GROWING PAINS ARE A BITCH.  And so are some of the folk who have inspired the content that will follow this post.

What I meant by the title of this post is that I personally don't give one 1/2 of a desirable SHIT STAIN about most of the details of these celebs.  I care about as much as a person that is more inspired by dope shit like getting fucked doing a handstand or making Hennessy come out of your nose without needing to visit Urgent Care.

So while I am interested in some of the famous people crap... (I love how I put that)...

I am NOT interested in "keeping up with the Joneses" of all their stupid business.  Like, OMG you have no idea how much I don't give a flaming Young Thug feminine F**K!!!!

((Long deep sigh))  That felt kind of good to write.  It did.

(thought i'd give a little forehead action...)

The Nicki Minaj Jiggling Struggle Has ENDED!!!!


I can't remember what award show I was watching where Nicki was on that Motorcycle performing "Pills and Potions" and couldn't clap them cheeks to save Lil' Kim's original face. NOW SHE'S BRAND NEW IN THESE STREETS!!!  CLAPPED THE BROWN SKINNED OFF THAT BOOTY!

This is my thing.  I'm not mad at the ass clapping.  I'm sure many of you aren't either.  I'm mad at Nicki being capable of dope bars but instead she says:

"I let him hit it 'cause he slang cocaine".

I wanna rock with you Nicki.  I promise I do, but daaaaaaaamn.  Being that you are the only type of music in regular rotation, it gives me CRAMPS IN MY KNEE CAPS to know kids my child's age might listen to your lyrics and think that's life and that it's okay.  I don't need you to be a role model.  I need for the fans who know this shit is wack too to be just as irritated.  We're so used to BS now, we just live with it.  

This is what I don't understand.  Why can't you be sexy and spit a few bars that aren't so Ghetto Bird?! 

Why does one have to equal the damn other???  

So a dude can just let me know he slang coke and I'm like, "YAAAAASSS, he can get it." Honestly, the only thing I'm going to be thinking if he say he slang coke is "so when the cops coming to bust in the house?"  Nice eye candy Nicki, but your bars make me understand what Bipolar people must go through.

To end this nicely though, i'll say she's so gorgeous the way she looks now.

Tae Heckard Ends Domestic Partnership with....Another Woman?!


Well, along with all the craziness of spectators stating their opinions about Tae Heckard (ex-beau of Nelly) and Brandon Jennings (Point Guard of Detroit Pistons AND former longtime beau of actress/singer, Teyana Taylor), it seems as if they may be moving towards a more serious side of life as a couple.

Lashontae Heckard, ex-video vixen and star in show, "The Game" has filed for an end to her domestic partnership with a woman named Monique Blanton - who she partnered with back in 2008.

In legal notes, Tae was noted to say that she split with Blanton for "irreconcilable differences" in 2011.

This would free her up to legally become married now, wouldn't it?

And all this time I thought the "Twitter wives" she claimed were just her buddies ((snort laughs)). Either way, her relationship with Jennings seems to be moving at lightning speed.

Actor Michael Jace - Charged With Killing Wife and Documented Abuse with Ex-Wife

Michael Jace, an actor best known for his role on TV’s “The Shield,” has been charged in the 

fatal shooting of his wife, CNN reports.

April Jace, 40, was found shot to death in her south Los Angeles home by police called there to 

investigate a shooting, Los Angeles Police Detective Lyman Doster said.

TMZ is reporting that the actor called 911 himself and admitted that he pulled the trigger.

According to TMZ:
According to law enforcement sources Jace called 911 around 8:30 p.m. and told police, “I shot my wife.”“We’re told Jace’s neighbors in the Hyde Park area of L.A. had reported shots fired in the home, and shortly thereafter Jace made his call to 911.Sources tell us the 48-year-old actor stayed on the phone, as instructed, until LAPD arrived and found his 40-year-old wife, April Jace dead.We’re told Jace was home alone when his wife arrived with their kids. A short time later he allegedly shot her.Jace was taken into custody, and as of 1:00 a.m. Tuesday was being questioned.

This reminds me of a similar story where a dear friend of mine was shot and killed in her daycare about 4 years ago.  She had separated with her husband and moved into a house down the street from where her and her husband lived.  She was involved with the neighbor from the house she was in while married (I'm not sure if their relationship formed before or after the separation) but she received flowers a few days after Valentine's Day and by the beginning of March, the neighbor she was involved with came to her home in the morning around 7am.  Her daughter let the neighbor in and went down the stairs.  The neighbor opened fire on my friend, shooting her to death then turned the gun on himself.

It's hard to know that many of these murders are romantically-inspired.  Most people involved in a murder trial know each other.

I feel like there's no easy way to pinpoint a person's potential behavior but I do feel that if someone has made threats, they should not be taken lightly under any circumstances.

With actor, Michael Jace there are documents that accused him of being abusive towards his previous wife in their divorce settlement.  According to a witness and friend of the ex-wife, Jace strangled his ex in front of their infant child.

I believe the biggest factor in these types of situations are to never "sleep" on someone's potential. Abusive relationships are very likely to escalate over time - especially if there are no steps towards intervention that can attempt to identify the cause or origin of the behavior.

Torrei Hart Says, "I Wanted to Punch Eniko in the Face"




Torrei pretty much re-stated how she was there for Kevin in his earliest hours supporting his dream and most of this was brought on after the "rib" comment he made about present girlfriend, Eniko Parrish.  

The thing that bothers me the most about this is how some people dismiss her interview as if she's beating a "dead horse", but never stop to think how they would respond if they were in a similar situation.

It's really easy to call someone else out about how they look publicly when they're not being "politically correct".  If I had to ask myself if Torrei was trying to hurt Kevin's following/career by making these statements, I would have to say no.  I believe that she felt validated to speak her side because Kevin has always talked about his past, his family, and his life in his work.  

So, it's okay for Kevin to become a millionaire off of his life stories, but his ex-wife isn't allowed to say anything about how she feels?  

I'm actually happy someone on this planet in some form of spotlight has made an attempt to keep it 100 and not save face because of how people abuse the term, "hater", "bitter", and etc.  Her being a black woman already puts her in this category from judgments within our own race, but many of the people judging this woman are seriously NOT putting themselves in her shoes (if they can at all).  It's one thing to be unattached - you're not in love with anyone, and then tell someone else how they should manage their hurt.  

But when you BECOME that person and you're not only seeing that your family transferred to someone who didn't have to suffer in the gym while you were shooting, and THEN to have that new person be labeled as a "RIB" - I can understand her emotions and trying to find a way to heal from a constant reminder that it's over.  

That's not to say she is a victim either.  No one knows who was the problem behind closed doors when they were a couple.  It could have been Torrei, or both or just Kevin.  However, when Kevin made personal stories public access (comedy material or not), he opened the flood gates of this conversation and nobody seemed to have a problem with him bringing up his past for laughs even though one of the parties involved probably wasn't laughing at all. rant wasn't supposed to be this long, but I truly believe as much money as Torrei is receiving from Kevin, it's not about that for her.  I don't sense that from her at all.  I sense a woman who loved a man she lost to the prototype of what is expected to be on his arm in Hollywood.  

And it's easier to leave someone you're obligated to (baby mama) than to go to someone who you don't have a shared responsibility with and who will be everything you want them to be because you're a friggin millionaire.  Plus, do you know how many chicks out here could care less about snatching somebody's man?  Puh-leeeeease.  It kills me how we make excuses for infidelity more than the support of a marriage in 2014.  It's sad.

I know, I know, I'd have to be a guy (maybe a White or Asian one) for someone to truly take my points as valid (just kidding, kind of).

I encourage people to put themselves in the shoes of Torrei.  I don't know too many people who would act so politically correct if the information she shared was true.  And that's MALE or FEMALE.  

Still love Kevin though, but it is what it is.  I don't blame Torrei for keeping it 100.  It's rough out here with all these judgmental folks.

Is A Woman Asking for a Problem With Her Husband if she "Let's Herself Go"?

My opinion is split down the middle on this one.  The fact is we live in a time where looks make up for 98% of our entertainment and the other 2% is comedy based on awful looks.  That percentage is probably as jacked up as the situation I'm asking about, but I've always been torn on this subject honestly.

The truth is that as we age, our looks will begin to change for the worse.  I know that everyone loves to say "black don't crack", and sure we have a few people who have hit the senior citizen mark looking damn good for their age (50s, 60s, even 70s) - but honestly, everyone isn't a fitness guru, a beauty conduit, or a person who wants to spend their life obsessing about a wrinkle, saggy body part, etc. for the rest of their lifetime.

I DO understand and believe that men (however) are very visual creatures.  I DO get the fact that men often crave physical things they would appreciate in their woman - but I know for damn sure that they won't trade the physical for other wholesome qualities unless he's lacking them within himself.  I believe the "hoes that win" are only winning to another whore honestly.  Men that spend so much energy celebrating and/or mentioning/entertaining women who have very low respect for themselves (IMO) are products of failed upbringings and value systems.  I'm not saying that a man who loves T&A wasn't raised right, but a man who would entertain street booty in a serious way beyond the sexual could probably sit on a couch for a few years about where his childhood went wrong.

Anyway...I'm not writing to bash, (I promise I'm not lol) but with keeping up appearance, I would be lying if I said I've never been moved (positively or negatively) about the way a man keeps himself up.  Hygiene and overall presence is one thing, but I'm not about to disown you if you're not GQ man candy of the week.  And...I do know it's often much different for men versus women.

I believe there is balance in this though.  A woman who stops putting pride into her appearance is definitely opening a door to not just other more attractive women being noticed, but for their mate to notice their neglect in a negative light.  There should be enough self-attentiveness on a lady's part where she respects regular grooming, regular hygiene, regular skin care, her curves (whether modest or ba-donk-like).

If my man was around the house not washing his ass, looking like Cousin It in the face (I love facial hair BTW, but not a rain forest), wearing things that look like he searches trash cans for dinner scraps, I would probably be searching him for crack like substances before I ask him what the hell is the problem.

But on the flip side of this, I feel like any man who would make his woman feel "less than" because she isn't a centerfold or she picked up some weight, or any other sign of "not perfect" is still in the Similac phases of his manhood.

Like I said, there's nothing wrong with standards and preferences, but a lasting bond should be based on the friendship and connection that goes beyond physical gratification.  Yeah, if a person is going off the deep end looking a hot ass mess (aka embarrassment), I can completely understand having an issue, a talk or discussion.

But if that's your other half...imperfections shouldn't break something that should be solid beyond the superficial.

She Makes $200k a Year, and He Makes $40k....Is There a Problem???

Sometimes, it's hard to think for yourself when you have loved ones in your ear.  Sometimes their input is helpful, but other times it can cause a world of problems, including the potential loss of a real connection.

There are too many people who don't have their sh*t together in their own personal lives who love to tell someone who has more going for them (at the time) what they need to be doing. Sometimes even a person who is in a relationship has a wealth of bad advice for their friend or relative because of their lack of perspective, or they can't even relate.

After peeping the play, "Ms. Independent" that showcased in Washington, DC at the Warner Theatre, it had me thinking about the way others come in-between people and their relationships with inconsiderate input.


Some of the strongest alliances I can think of have one major thing in common: their connection cannot be easily shaken (if at all) by the opinions of others.  

In the play, Carleena (played by Robin Givens) was set up by her mother to be driven away from her husband -- using another man (singer Christopher Williams) to lure her away.  Some people have situations that aren't as crazy and the input from loved ones are more subtle, but there is still manipulation involved where someone else's agenda is being carried out.

And it's definitely not just with a woman.  Sometimes a man's "crew" gets in the middle of his mindset and has him messing up priorities as well.  It's valid on both sides of the equation to say that both people in a relationship need to come into the situation with an open mind and their own independent thoughts.

If you can't think for yourself, you are going to have a hard time being a good catch for somebody else.  I know a lot of people in denial about the fact that they don't think for themselves too. Make sure you check your mirrors for more than a quick selfie.


10 Things About Solange and Jay-Z That No One Else Has Said

1.)  There are approximately 5,459,298,635,209,137,349 stories on social media outlets that will give their spin to what they believe happened on that videotape.

2.)  All the people who judge other people who have commented on the elevator fight are spending just as much of their mental space on it as the people they're judging.  (YEP, GO BACK AND READ THAT AGAIN, I'LL WAIT.)

3.)  Some people like watching Sci-Fi. Some like to watch politics and C-Span. Some people like watching Honey Boo an' dem.  Other people like celebrity tabloid gossip.  Which certainly didn't begin when social media got popular. Entertainment Tonight first aired on television in 1981 - which should tell you how long people have tuned into the latest news about well-known public personalities.  This is nothing new so people need to stop judging others so harshly about the fact that it's a juicy story that got attention.

4.)  If you're tired of seeing status updates, memes, and commentary about the latest hot topics, STOP LOOKING AT IT AND GO READ A BOOK.

5.)  YES, people are going to wear those memes and status updates out about this story until it catches an STD and decides to stop being whored out.

6.)  Nobody knows whether Beyonce was thinking about her image, the fact that her sister may have had a point, or if she had too much Ciroc to defend her husband.  We can only guess or say who gives a damn.

7.)  Solange might resemble Orlando Jones in a picture or 3, but Solange is beautiful.  She's also looked like a ton of other people in various pictures - the late, Aaliyah being one of them.  Leave that damn girl alone.

8.) Solange walked out of that afterparty like OG Bobby Johnson.

9.) Beyonce will kick your ass in a poker game.  That game face DOES NOT CHANGE. She busted her entire ass on stage in that sparkly red dress at one of her concerts and had that same facial expression below while she scraped herself up off the floor and kept whipping her hair back and forth.

10.  There IS a slight chance in hell that Jay-Z could do a rap verse or 2 in the near future providing some type of clue as to what happened.  He wrote about the Cuba situation and several other mishaps that came up, so you never know.

Did The Dream Really Hit His Ex-Girl?! Say it Ain't So...

Goodness, I thought The Dream's past relationship with Christina Milian was messy enough, but now it seems as if his latest ex, Lydia Nam has the producer/songwriter/artist slammed with a charge of felony assault.

Dream is telling friends, the reason he was charged Wednesday with felony assault and strangulation is all because Lydia Nam was about to be kicked out of the U.S.

Her visa is set to expire shortly.  Dream says she found out there's a special Visa that allows immigrants to remain in the country if they're crime victims and they're needed in the prosecution of the perpetrator.  (info courtesy of

The problem with these types of stories are that some women really DO lie about being abused and hurt all for the sake of material gain, public disposition and the like.  It really makes it hard for women who actually lived through an abusive situation to stand firm on what they went through.  It's hard enough to admit what happened, but to know that some people blatantly lie about things like this only enhances a messed up situation.

Sadly enough, there's a child involved in all this craziness.  It's tragic when your personal headlines are making more noise than your talent.  #OurWorldTheseDays 


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